William Rose started work at an early age of 19.  He worked along side his father Aloyse Rose who navigated the Inner Islands and the Amirantes.  At that time he worked on schooners Ste. Anne and Voltizer.  William proved himself as a hard working and dedicated sailor. As a result, in 1974, his father, Aloyse, gave him his first boat Lady Mary.  Lady Mary was a one crew schooner with a capacity to carry 30 passengers.

That was just the staring point to a successful venture.  In 1984, he designed and build Silhouette, a 60 passenger capacity schooner over a period of 23 months.

Mr William Rose

In 1999, he bought Cousin, now Curieuse.  This new addition to Inter Island Ferry started to operate in 2001.  It has a capacity of 90 passengers.

Inter Island Ferry Services operate between Praslin and La Digue.

With a good working team, inspired by hardworking and devoted wife Marylise Irene Maria Stranvens Rose, (deceased 22 September 2002), Inter Island Ferry Service offers a regular ferry service from Praslin to La Digue and vise versa which is second to none.