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The "Pearl Gallery" is located at the Praslin Ocean Farm and customers are welcomed to buy various black pearls and 18 ct. gold setting products. Jewellery as rings, earrings and pendants with high (Gem, A or B) graded black pearls, as well as pearl strands in different categories, cultivated in our own pearl farm are among items to be purchased in the shop. The jewellery is designed and handcrafted in Western Australia by the successful, international award winning jewellers, Linneys of Perth and Broome.


Black pearls are not necessarily black. More often than not they range from a light silvery to very dark gray, but they may also look green, pink, lavender, blue, copper, bronze or golden. They can be round, near-round, oval, drop, button, or baroque-shaped with one or more circles, or be made as blister pearls or seedless, called keshis. The black pearls purchased from our shop refer only to pearls of natural color from the black-lip oyster called Pinctada margaritifera, and are not a result of dyeing or other irradiation processes. The oysters are found naturally in Seychelles waters as they also are in other parts of the world like Tahiti.

Black pearls are normally priced according to their luster, color, shape, surface perfection, size and nacre thickness. 

Below are samples of our products. Please click on the pictures to enlarge.



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