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"Both winsome and enchanting, the Chateau St Cloud is found on one of the Seychelles most beautiful islands, amid the tropical splendor of La-Digue".

Chateau St Cloud is ideally situated in the centre of La Digue, at the foot of the island's only mountain at 10 min from the beach) or (a few minutes by bicycles) to the famous beach "Anse Source D'Argent". 
The Chateau's grace and charm is complimented by the surrounding scenery in which exotics flowers, fruits and tropical plants encompass this colonial estate in rustic tranquility.

Built at the height of Napoleon's Empire and named after the small French town of St Cloud which is south of Paris. A visitor to the Chateau is privy to a splendid view of local granite formations which writhe and twist in bizarre patterns. On the estate guests can also visit one of the few coco de mer trees still remaining on the island, and if leisurely movement catches your fancy, there are giant tortoises which has been on the estate for generations, and now are considered part of the St Ange family. The Chateau was once part of a vanilla farm and in recent times has been converted into a small charming hotel by it's owner the "Saint Ange Family". 

For people seeking the tranquility and serenity, a place where only the whispering of palm leaves in a sea breeze and the sound of gently falling coconuts, produces an atmosphere that says nothing more than "WELCOME".
For the more adventurous, a journey by ox cart or bicycle will carry guests between the Chateau and the beaches or on a visit to the main village of La Passe.

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