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Prices/Km as set by "SLTA"

Prices is set by "SLTA" and from time to time
is adjusted to reflect the cost of living and
the cost of operation.

Mahe: First km is 25scr and additional kms are 23scr
Traveling 1km or less you will be charged 25scr
Traveling exactly 2km will be 48scr.
Please visit our Info page for detailed prices of  locations.

It depends on the operator to give you a discount
as is often given due to taxi drivers being very lenient.

As long as there is good road you can get wherever you
want to go in a taxi.

Organized trip

You can organize your trip with individual taxi operators.
Prices for such trips are agreed by operators and
their clients. Example; taking kids to and from school,
planned after school activities...etc.

Round trip can also be organized.
Some taxis have up to 7 Seater where your whole
family and or friends can go for a booked trip as a group.
Prices is determined by the duration of the trip.

Transfers. Many taxi drivers do private transfers and at a
Very low cost compared to other organization which offer
similar service.


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