Main events of the Festival

Opening Ceremony
Each year, National committee responsible for the organisation of the festival Creole designates a district for the opening ceremony.
The idea is to decentralise the Festival and to bring it closer to the people on our three main islands: Mahé. Praslin, La Digue. Some districts continually express the wish of hosting the event. An organizing committee is set up in the chosen district. The content of the ceremony varies depending on the space available, and the other characteristics. The ceremony starts at 6p.m and is divided in two parts: the official ceremony – this is the first part of the opening of the Festival with ceremonies and official speeches. The street party: this is when the Festival really start with a variety of activities: shows, kreol disco, tasting of Kreol dishes, dances, dominoes, Kreol ambiance in homes etc, the party goes on till morning.

Young Artist
”Zenn Artis Lemonn Kreolofonn” is a regional and international art competition open to all kreolofonn youths aged between four and twenty one years old. The aim of the competition is to develop creativity and sensibility in young people, while at the same time fostering in them an appreciation of the values and richness of kreol culture. An exhibition of the submitted artwork is organized during the festival.

Inter-school quiz competition open to all schoolchildren, which aims to lead children to appreciate the rich values inherent in the kreol language and culture.

Public Speaking
The competition is opened to all young Seychellois aged between fifteen and thirty, including District Youth Club members. To participate, participant must form teams of four, and choose a theme for their speech. The aim of the competition is to give young people the opportunity to carry out research in Kreol and on the Kreol language. The competition also permits them to master, and discover the beauty of our language.

‘Dimans Kreol bor Lanmer’
Dimans Kreol Borlanmer is an activity, which takes place by the seaside. There are varied attractions of kreol music, cuisine, traditional games and watersports.

'Cine Sesel' 
Kreol Film - Special Project to launch Film Making in Kreol in Seychelles

Lakadans is a get-together of the best-known artists from Seychelles and their kreol-speaking neighbours. This extravaganza proposes a musical journey through a repertoire of rhythms both traditional and modern, played before a large and enthusiastic crowd who dance until way into the night.

‘Konferans Lengwistik’
Once a year, during the Kreol Festival writers and linguists meet at Lenstiti Kreol and reflect on the role, place and development of the Kreol as a language used by eighteen million readers and writers in the world. Each year, the Komite Lalang kreol chooses a theme for the Kolok. After the discussions, recommendations are made concerning the Kreol language.

‘Animasyon dan lavil’
Musicians, singers, actors, story tellers….. From the Seychelles and elsewhere offer live entertainment in certain parts of Victoria during the Festival. Street shows are staged between and 7p.m on week days, and 10a.m to 4p.m during weekends. They contribute greatly to the festive atmosphere, which reigns in Victoria during this period, entertaining locals and tourists alike. The artists propose a hundred percent Kreol repertoire.

Amusical show with the participation of singers and musicians from the School of Music and National College of the Arts. The show brings back old Seychellois melodies and songs. The artists perform either solo, trios or groups, accompanied by instruments taught by the School of Music: the guitar, the violin, the drums, the tam-tam, the piano and the copper instruments. The show is completely differentfrom the Lakadans, which takes place in the Stad Lanmizik in Victoria. Kreolisimo is the ideal occasion for the School of Music to pay tribute to Seychellois music stars and veterans.

‘Moman Kreativite’
A variety show featuring schoolchildren from all schools on Mahe, Praslin, La Digue and Silhouette. This is where our young generation gets the opportunity to demonstrate their diverse artistic talents as well as an effective means of discovering new, talented artists.

'Konkour Diskour' 
Inter-school competition which is open to all young Seychellois, aged between 15 and 30 years. Teams of four are formed, each one with as theme for their speech, with the objective of encouraging the youth to research the kreol language and achieve mastery of it.

 'Bazaar Leritaz'
Sale of Traditional artisanal objects and traditional herbs

Voyaz is an evening of  Poem and Song recitals in Kreol and the launching of  new publications in Kreol

'District activities'
This is where the Festival Kreol reaches out to the various districts of Seychelles, to highlight the diversity, which underpins the local culture, and which each districts are invited to contribute to in its own unique way.  These activities range from bazaars and balls to cultural evenings, picnics and processions. Various religious denominations also play their role by holding special kreol mass.

  'Vilaz Kreol/Bazaar Artisanal'
Vilaz kreol is created at the Victoria waterfront whereby there is sale of traditional food, locally made garments, local souvenirs and musical entertainment.

The village is opened from morning till late in the evening and it is a very popular place for workers around the town area who comes there during lunchtime to buy food.

'Kolok (Conference)

This activity encapsulates the more academic pursuits with international participation, which takes place at Lenstiti Kreol, and it reflects on the role, place and development of the kreol language. Each year the committee chooses a specific theme for the “kolok” about which discussions are held and recommendations made concerning the kreol language.

'Konpetisyon Kanmtole'
This is the essence of traditional kreol music and dance that is distinctly and recognizably Seychellois. It is a social evening during which several dances are performed, with the highlight being the “kontredans”

‘Fon lanmal’
Fon Lanmal is a fashion show featuring talented young Seychellois designers showing off their latest creations in clothing and accessories, often crafted from local raw materials. This show also includes finalists of the School of Design and Fashion of the Polytechnic and it also attracts foreign designers.

‘Bal Asosye’
Bal Asosye is a traditional kreol evening with entertainment at its best and features a selection of Seychelles’ favourite traditional music played by live bands. Guests are invited to dance the night away to the strains of kanmtole bands while delicious kreol fare available in the form of cassava, black pudding, chips and traditional drinks such as toddy are served.

The Bal Asosye, is so named because it was financed by the invitees and would follow a strict pattern to its early morning finale that would commence with a traditional waltz followed through the night by a series of various traditional dances until 6am the next day.